Roman Little Pig Planter


RRP $125. 

This little piggy has a real twinkle in his bright blue eyes! He’s hand-painted by talented artisans in central Mexico, and features the sophisticated ‘Roman’ colour scheme – blue and white patterns enlivened with small pops of orange, yellow and blue. He has a sweet face with a deep cobalt head and legs and contrasting ears and trotters.

This piece of ceramic art will find a happy home in your garden or on your balcony. It would be perfect for a mini-herb garden, or an equally great place to grow succulents or flowers.

This little pig planter is made out of high-quality, resilient white clay. As this pig is hand-painted, the exact decoration of your particular Roman pig will vary from the photographs shown on this website.

Roman Little Pig Planter:  Price: NZD $125  
Size (approx.): 350mm (length) x 140mm (width) x 220 mm (height). Weight (approx.): 2kg