Tania Silao Pots


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The Silao Pot, hand-painted in the lovely ‘Tania’ design, is available in four sizes. Made out of high-quality, resilient white clay, these pots are a great way to add a splash of colour to your garden or patio.

The ‘Tania’ design features a sophisticated vegetal motif with striking accents of orange and red.

Because of the hand-painted nature of this beautiful piece of ceramic art, the exact decoration of each Silao Pot will vary from the photographs shown on this website.

The Tania Silao Pot is available in four different sizes:

EXTRA-SMALL:  Price: NZD $45  
Size (approx.): 180mm (diameter) x 175mm (height). Weight (approx.): 800g

SMALL:  Price: NZD $55  
Size (approx.): 200mm (diameter) x 195mm (height). Weight (approx.): 1.1kg

MEDIUM:  Price: NZD $65 
Size (approx.): 235mm (diameter) x 220mm (height). Weight (approx.): 1.5kg

LARGE:  Price: NZD $75 
Size (approx.): 260mm (diameter) x 250mm (height). Weight (approx.): 2kg

Our range of Silao Pots, as well as our other Mexican Talavera products, can be found at markets and fairs around New Zealand. Check out our blog and our Instagram for details about upcoming events. Alternatively, click here to send us an email if you’d like more information, or to order from us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!